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CNN Business: "The Market Rebound Since March Shows Why It Doesn’t Pay to Panic"

Paul R. La Monica | September 08 , 2020

In an article for CNN Business, Frost Investment Advisors Chief Investment Officer Tom Stringfellow discusses the stunning unpredictability of the markets recently and important considerations for investors watching closely. Stringfellow highlights the importance of investing for the long haul, rather than panicking amid market turbulence.

"Those who ran with their emotions and moved out of the market have been blindsided by how fast it has recovered and missed the gains," said Stringfellow. "You can't really time the market."

According to Stringfellow, while it may have seemed like a worst-case scenario early on, the economy is rebounding, although it looks much different as people continue to work remotely.

Excerpted from CNN Business on Sept. 8, 2020. To view full article, click here.

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