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Forbes: July 2021 Fed Meeting: Tapering Will Come Eventually

Taylor Tepper & Benjamin Curry | July 21 , 2021

The Federal Reserve has been warning everyone for more than a year, but especially since last August, that it would welcome higher inflation than its target level for a modest period of time since inflation has been too low since the Great Recession.

While the Fed continues to say this will all be transitory, some experts believe at least part of this inflation gain is here to stay.

“There has been some debate about whether inflation will be transitory or more persistent: The answer is yes,” said Mace McCain, chief investment officer at Frost Investment Advisors. “Some inflation, such as wage inflation, is likely to persist, but other pricing pressures will ease as the economy regains its equilibrium.”

Excerpted from Forbes Advisor. To read full article, click here.

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