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San Antonio Express-News: “What’s In The $2 Trillion Stimulus Package...”

Diego Mendoza-Moyers | March 27 , 2020

The U.S. House passed a $2 trillion stimulus package that will improve efforts to mitigate the virus and help pave a path to economic recovery.

If the IRS does not have your bank information, it could take several months to receive a check in the mail, though an exact timeline is not set.

"If everybody does go out and spend their checks, it certainly has a chance to boost the economy," said Tom Stringfellow, president and chief investment officer at Frost Investment Advisors. "That's adding money back into the economy. It's creating new jobs, bringing people back online to carry out those jobs. There is indeed a positive to it that does trickle through for a period of time. That trickle-down can provide one of the sparks to start the economy.”

Excerpted from the San Antonio Express-News on March 27, 2020. To view full article, click here.

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